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01/01/2019 1:05 pm  

A lot has been going on the last few weeks continuing to add new dynamic game play and systems :

More vehicle and NPC mechanics and behaviours added.

New targeting system added for weapons systems for non NPC objects. e.g. turrets and vehicles both terrestrial and flying vehicles. These can now be auto targeting and in some case Player controlled which means effectively that targeting can be applied to almost any sensibly suitable object the game may require.

New destructible object system has been added so that specified game objects can be destroyed by other game objects again sensible chosen. e.g. weapons projectiles belonging to any character or other weapon held by any game object (vehicles). Of course this also means that in the case of destructible objects that apply force and damage, e.g. explosive objects then these in turn can apply damage to nearby objects and kill or destroy them too if they can accept damage 🙂

New NPC Weapon Particle System just added and more New characters continue to be added - see screen shot gallery 2019.

UMA talking characters have also continued to have some further work so as to prepare for new voice sounds which need to be generated and added specific to game play scenarios. e.g. story telling and player interaction.

Whats coming in 2019 :

All areas of the game will continued to be updated as and when it becomes necessary to do so and such updating is needing to be done to new game play. It often the case that one has to stop when including new content and dynamic systems to integrate and test them which takes up a large amount of the time available. The reason not many screen shots have appeared recently.

In a largely shooting game it is tempting to throw in a lot of characters and publish, however the game is intended to be much more than, and the game dynamics and scenarios are paramount. 

More than enough levels exist to make a game (and more will be added if and when it is possible to do so). 

The current need now is to concentrate mainly on existing levels of the First Episode of the game and take them forward to a more complete stage that would be at a more appropriate level for nearing publishing them as a game. Hopefully some more advanced game play videos can then be produced and perhaps a game demo for release.

There is much to do yet and concentrated effort on updating all of the levels and in particular the game play and systems to update them further and fine tune them.  Its a time consuming operation as the game contains numerous AI and other integrated systems which are painstaking to get to integrate and function well together. With luck perhaps I will even find the time to add the new advanced water system which has been lying idle in the box for over 1 year and still not yet included.

Happy New Year and enjoy your game playing.


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