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Peter Coleman
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10/12/2018 8:40 am  

Quite a lot of work done recently adding new content and working on game dynamics.

In Brief :

Added new SciFi assets including terrestrial buildings and space stations, vehicles which can be driven or piloted. e.g. Flying craft and terrestrial Rover. As well as other dynamic content. e.g. Turrets.

Added 4 new Futuristic Characters.

Added (eventually) LipSync to compliment UMA Characters to provide talking Characters. UMA characters are integrated with the main Character system of allies, friends and enemies as well as the Player so are also able to do Battle with them as well as being Non combatant civilians whereas the advanced AI character system characters do little talking and more shooting 🙂

A lot of other work has been done largely on adding other content and integrating systems and dynamics which require a lot of work to get them to do so.....

More screen shots may follow this month though such work which is often technically oriented often has little additional visual impact at the development stage. Recently much work has been done on setting up the basic dynamics for the driving of terrestrial and flying vehicles, both those which are Player interactive and can be driven and those which are can not but which move around in the game independently of the Player. e.g. enemy and friendly vehicles. These are largely Aircraft of one kind or another currently...

Next up is to continue to add more characters and their dynamic interaction considering that of course most will then be deactivated while development is ongoing until such time as they are called for as they can be a big distraction when developing other parts of the game and content.

Adding successfully a great deal of characters to the game, setting up their game scenarios and managing their behaviours in the game which has three separate Character systems plus the LipSync system and others which have a bearing is a major time consumer as none work out of the box as required. each and every character and other indeed every element has to be precisely and largely individually set up and integrated as the game demands.

All this does not mean that the general progress of the whole is being forgotten - it is not and levels are constantly being updated with new content and expanded as and when the development plan requires and allows or when the opportunity presents itself....

For example the recent addition of 4 new Futuristic characters requires that they have to be prepared and set up and added to the levels they will appear in and at such time those levels will need updating as they have been waiting for the new characters. These levels need some new vehicles and other content added too so more will be done with them while they are being worked upon 🙂  The addition of LipSync and talking characters means that such will need adding to most levels and so on it goes as one development stage replaces another.

The Basic levels for the First Episode of the game are generally set though more levels to add yet. These levels will continue to be developed to an advanced stage. The new year is likely to see more hard work concentrating on bringing existing levels nearer to completion....

i.e. When we can look back towards planet Earth from above the Earth's atmosphere then we will be on our way to our destination and continue our mission 🙂


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