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Peter Coleman
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08/11/2018 5:45 pm  

I have been quite here of late so thought I should post some News to confirm development continues apace.

Recent months have seen work on additional Advanced AI enemy improvements and All new Weapon systems being added as well as updating existing levels wherever possible with improvements and additions.

New SciFi content has just been added and in addition to providing general environment content (buildings and alike) for the SciFi environments new features are included to provide much needed game dynamics in those areas. This will include usable SciFi Vehicles and other game dynamics so Players will be able to pilot a Space Craft or drive a Space Rover and otherwise do Battle and more 😊 including No Gravity environments.

There are new SciFi Characters too added recently and integrated ready to Go. 

I have added two Screen Shots of recent work to the Screen Shot Gallery one called Alien Citadel and the latest Battle Port The Leaving which is the last level in the first Episode of the game where the game switches from game play on Planet Earth to one game play off world. That is interplanetary Space. The Screen shots purposefully don't show too  much level detail or give away too much yet until nearer game completion. More screen shots will follow however in the interim period of course.

Battle Port The Leaving as with most others is a complex level. Most of the basic structure is now complete though there is much detail and game dynamics to be added yet including all characters and enemies. Most levels are very time consuming to develop fully due to their size and complexity and I can spend as much as 17 hours a day perhaps more at a stint and progress is as fast as I can make it.

All currently existing levels continue to be progressed and updated and all need additional work and content adding. In addition there are more levels to be added and quite a few - around 25 levels currently existing.

As the game is somewhat story driven my preference is to to this via a number of techniques including Character interaction with Lip Sync system management and such is perhaps the last remaining major system to be added and will be if at all possible given the cost and more importantly the time needed to do this which would be extensive in a game of this size and complexity.

Most of my time is spent developing so please forgive me if updates here are less frequent than they might otherwise be.

Next up is  to complete as far as possible at this stage Battle Port The Leaving level as this is level of major importance being the last in the first episode as has to be something special  🙂 After that their is one other level which will be needed to facilitate moving to Episode 2 which will be the take off from Earth and transport away from it which is necessary and will be in theory technically difficult to achieve a good believable result. Once that is done and the principle established I can then get ahead with developing the whole throughout.

As soon as is possible I aim to put together some more Videos showing in game action to date and after that at some stage will hopefully provide a Playable Demo if all goes well.

That's all for now folks !

Be sure to check out the Screen Shot Gallery for more.

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