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Peter Coleman
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15/08/2018 9:24 am  

Here's a list of things of not complete things needing to be done, essential and would be nice to include. Not in any particular order and the list may be added to and or updated over time.

Fully integrate the New Advanced Enemy AI System : Already included but not fully integrated to Characters just a few test enemies at the moment.

Add Lip Sync including Expressions to Characters : Add game play scenarios and game dynamics. e.g. story telling, cut scenes, camera swaps using these features.

Add Dialogue System : If needed to support the above item.

Update existing Characters and Add additional New Characters : Swap out some of the existing Characters with higher quality, better or more appropriate Characters.

Add Behavior Designer : For More Advanced and Interesting Behaviors. Story, Characters, Game Dynamics, Game Play Scenarios.

Add New Advanced Water System : Already exists but not added and in use.

Add New Weapons and Effects : Add New Weapons and Replace existing weapons where appropriate. Add New Weapons Effects.

Overall Game Environment :  All existing content without exception could be updated and improved to a higher standard. More to be added. List to follow.



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