OVERVIEW : Design Document

Title : HOMO2
Development Platform : Unity 2018+
Target Platform : PC Standalone
Genre : Futuristic Shooter with a touch of Stealth and Adventure.
Rating : (14+)
Player Target : Any Game Player
Status : Prototype. Under Development
Release Date : TBC
Developer and Publisher : Peter Coleman : Umedia


HOMO2 is based on a concept, story and design document originally devised and created in 1999 and since further extended as technologies have moved forward.

Composed of largely open world environments consisting of two main seamlessly integrated locations. The first episode “The Leaving” is set on planet Earth. The second episode “Homelands” is set in interplanetary space.

Game Play

Emphasis is on AI, Game Play, Mechanics and Dynamics. Designed to be an immersive and addictive Player experience, entertaining, memorable, enjoyable and fun as well as to present beautiful environments to the Player. Both First and Third Person mode. Interact with and get support from and manage Friendly Team Allies when you need them to help you. Send them in to battle or have them wait at a location. Take a ride on a Train, a Drop Ship, Drive a Truck, Fly a Helicopter, Pilot a Space Craft, Battle on land and in the Air. Have a Swim or just take a break and enjoy the environment when you can, though be sure to look after your Health and find an Automed or something to eat or drink to top it up.

Default setting of Quality for on screen game play is Unity Fantastic Mode and FPS targeted at 60fps. Quality and FPS is automatically adjusted throughout to best suit the end game play user system hardware and maintain an optimal game play experience.

Platform Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 10
Graphics Card: DX11 (shader model 3.0) 2gb Ram
Memory : 8gb Ram
Hard Disk Space : 50gb


No of Levels currently 22 in various stages of development. It is envisaged this will be extended to around 40 or more to complete the Game development.

Movement through levels in many instances can be in any direction so you can go back and forth between them. Only in a few instances is this not the case where it would not be possible due to game design and mechanics.

You can select an individual Game Level to play from the Main Menu, best used once you have completed the Game to go back and replay a specific level of choice as often as you like. Some levels contain endless dynamics and enemies in unlimited numbers so in these instances the Player could choose to move on in the game or continue to play the level endlessly.

As AI enemies will often hunt the Player they will provide varied Game Play as they may not always behave in the same manner, depending on the player location they may approach and attack from different positions and ranges in the level.


The year is 2070. The Earth has become unstable and can no longer provide for all our needs. Twenty years ago the World Council ordered that another planet be found that could sustain our population. Father had been assigned as Commander of the survey mission which would take him away for a very long time. I was six years old. I remember waving goodbye the day he left.
I never saw him again. So it was that Homo2 was discovered

Things have changed a lot since then and so have I. Homo2 has been made ready to receive our people and I was appointed Commander of a ship in the Orion Fleet which was to be the first making the journey.

Plans for the transfer were finalised over a week ago but as yet few have left. The Controllers have taken over on Homo2. They would have the planet for themselves and have ordered that further incoming traffic from Earth be intercepted and destroyed. There is confusion on Earth. Riots and looting have disrupted communications and there is fighting between rival groups trying to secure a ship to leave. The Orion Fleet has been hijacked and the mass movement of people to Homo2 abandoned. All Commanders have received new orders.


Go immediately to the nearest military Battle Port and board the first available ship leaving for Homo2. Your mission is clear – you must take back Homo2 from the Controllers and allow the colonisation to proceed.

You will not be allowed to fail.


It was chaos that evening at the Battle Port, the air was heavy from the heat of the day exasperated by the previous day’s fires. I hurried along to find the nearest Telelift, only to find it destroyed. I began to panic when Andy shouted “hurry up, there’s not much time, the stairs will take us to the roof”. Through the glass we could see ships leaving. By the time we got to the top floor the last craft was about to take off. Outside, making our way along the Portway we could see how much destruction there had been. In the distance on the horizon, fires were still burning but we had no choice, we had to go. At the ship we hesitantly boarded as directed.

As the craft broke away and accelerated upwards I took the brief chance to look back and see the Earth disappear from my field of view. There was no time to think about what had happened. I knew that if I was to ever return I would have to complete my mission.

Game Menu

Press Esc to call up the Main Menu during Game Play, then Pause to Freeze the Game and select an option.

Game HUD

Press F1 to display Help Player Controls during Game Play. This will also display at level load for a few seconds before fading away. Fixed HUD items display Player health and weapon ammo. The HUD display items at any time are kept to a minimum to provide for unrestricted view. In Game effects and helpful Game Play information/messages will appear on screen from time to time.

Game Save

Checkpoints in game will Save your game progress and Player state automatically and manual Save/Load will be incorporated also to the final Game.


Third Person and First Person View. High Quality Player Controller. Interact with Characters and the Environment elements : Player Stamina. Pick Ups, Collect Weapons from the environment or dropped by enemies. Climb Ladders, Ride Platforms, Lifts, Drive Vehicles, Walk, Jump, Run, Crouch, Prone, Swim. Flashlights.


Modern and Futuristic : Unarmed, Knife, Pistols, Automatic Weapons, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Grenades.

Other Features

Menu, Game Save, Level Select, Unlimited Game Play, Cut Scenes, Bullet Time Slo Mo, Platforms, Lifts, Ladders, Teleporters, Portals, Lasers, Mines Turrets, Helicopters, Aircraft, Space Shuttle. Interactive Doors and Switches, Internal Video and on screen Text Messages. Destructible Objects, Explosive Objects, Game level object and environmental audio, Character voice audio and more.


CONTROLLER. Dominant Class : Human Droid. Male. Power Rating: Low
100% Human with the latest processor for a brain. The worst kind of enemy. Clever, flexible and devious. On Earth their primary function was to oversee the running of daily life until they got too big for their boots and tried to take control from mere mortals who they believe to be inferior. You can them apart from all other Humans – they have a Circuitpack at the back of their head.

ELECTRONOID. Destroyer Class Level 1: Human Droid. Male or Female. Power Rating: Devastating
Part Human, part machine. The perfect warrior. They have processors for brains and electronically enhanced body parts and functions. They can see in total darkness and some of them can even cloak themselves in daylight. They can calculate an enemy’s range perfectly and their weapons rarely miss their target. You are advised to use cover on approach and run like hell if you can’t. Don’t even think about fighting unless your health level is high – you won’t survive many hits from an Electronoid.

THINKCHIP. Super Computer Class : Power Rating: Medium.
They are only computers, but some with a sting in their tail have a nasty habit of not being very helpful when it matters.

ROB. Destroyer Class Level 2 & Benign : Robotic Machine. Power Rating: High & Low.
There are both enemy and friendly varieties. You’ll know which is which. Make sure you don’t need the help of the friendly ones before you leave them behind.

BATTLECOP. Destroyer Class Level 3 : Human. Male. Power Rating: Medium
Battlecops are law enforcers. On Earth, they are the mainstay of orderly behaviour. The Controllers on Homo2 have corrupted them, so unless you have a Lifepack full of cash, stay away from them if you can. They are no match for a Battle Commander like you one against one, but they tend to stick together in numbers and could severely damage your health. With a Powersuit you can survive a sustained attack.

SURPRISE’S. Class Level Unknown : Power Rating: Unknown.
Surprise’s are just that. They are the result of the Homo2 Controllers experiments in electro biochemistry, the purpose of which seems to have been to create a new, Super Class – Entity Destroyer. We know only that the experiments failed and the Surprise’s are out of control. A Word of Warning : Our intelligence indicates that Surpriser’s will not venture far from their creators so watch your back.


ASSASSIN. Human Class : Male or Female. Power Rating: Low
The lowest form of Human. They have sold out so don’t feel bad when you spread them all over the scenery. You can’t tell them apart from friendlies until its too late. Approach all Humans with caution.

KNOTS. Alien Class : Male or Female. Power Rating: Medium – High
Knots, that’s their nickname meaning they are NOT Human and not machine. They are biological Aliens and they come in a variety of Shapes and Sizes. They are not very friendly and not very streetwise.


FRIENDLIES. Human Class : Male or Female. Civilians and Military. Power Rating: Medium.
Forced to work for the Controllers they are the only ones you can trust. Some of them have broken away and are forcefully resisting the take over of HOMO2. They are unorganised and need your help. Some will follow you and protect you and some Friendlies will offer information to help you meet your objectives and complete your mission so make sure you check out all Humans before you kill any.

CHARACTERS – unclassified

RANK AND FILE. Human Class : Male or Female. Power Rating: Medium – High
General Soldiers and Troopers. Recruited on mass. Some are friendly others are not.

Do not trust anyone when approaching even if they are fighting amongst each other. All your projectile weapons are able to detect if a Humanoid is Friendly or not. The only defence you may have at distance.


BATTLE COMMANDER. Human Class : Male or Female. Power Rating: Medium – High.
THAT’S YOU! A Battle Commander is not the most Powerful organism in the Galaxy so choose your strategy and weapons carefully before jumping in to battle. Better still send a friend or just run like hell.

Long Term Development Strategy and Updates

HOMO2 is under development and subject to change and updating including this Design Document. The Game and all other content displayed in any form of media or data, e.g. specifications, game play and content screen shots, videos of development or published Game Play is likely to change from that shown while under development.

It is estimated that the current development proportion status towards the final game release stands at approximately 20% – 25% given the targets for the concept story, game design and quality so as to deliver an end product which meets with intended aspirations.

Over and above general updating of all content at any stage of development, example game dynamics and systems which may be updated extensively that may require additional resources and extend development time to incorporate include, new or additional : AI systems, Dialogue system, Weapons system, Characters and Character Lip-Sync system, additional physics system extension. The current systems support character enemy spawning and waves which are internally managed though these could potentially be opened up to player control at a later stage. Currently a single player game, future multi player integration is a consideration worthy of attention.

Additionally there are a number of additional levels originally planned which have been bypassed and are not currently included to date due to preference for prototyping and fleshing out the bulk of the main game structure overall. So too existing levels will have much originally designed and planned story and game content currently missing. These two considerations would ideally be incorporated before a final release would be considered.

In essence every single aspect of the prototype game development is intended to be extensively updated and improved to a satisfactory level fitting in with the aspirations for publishing and deploying an enjoyable, quality, end user game play experience.

Updating to the latest versions of Unity, DirectX and other systems is ongoing.

Feedback is welcome and we would be pleased to hear from anyone that may wish to support the development of Homo2.

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