The year is 2070. The Earth has become unstable and can no longer provide for all our needs. Twenty years ago the World Council ordered that another planet be found that could sustain our population. Father had been assigned as Commander of the survey mission, which would take him away for a very long time. I was six years old. I remember waving goodbye the day he left.

I never saw him again.

So it was that Homo2 was discovered.

Things have changed a lot since then and so have I. Homo2 has been made ready to receive our people and I was appointed Commander of a ship in the Orion Fleet which was to be the first making the journey.

Plans for the transfer were finalised over a week ago but as yet few have left. The Controllers have taken over on Homo2. They would have the planet for themselves and have ordered that further incoming traffic from Earth be intercepted and destroyed. There is confusion on Earth. Riots and looting have disrupted communications and there is fighting between rival groups trying to secure a ship to leave. The Orion Fleet has been hijacked and the mass movement of people to Homo2 abandoned.

All Commanders have received new orders…..

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